The Geo-Archaeological Association was established in 1985. The systematic research that has since been carried out on the territory for the creation of the first Archaeological Paper, published in 1988 under the guidance of the young Giulio Paolucci who today is an esteemed Museum Director, have led the way to this splendid adventure.
This work turned out to be decisive for the subsequent and resounding discoveries that were made, which have led to the establishment of the Museum. In fact, the Association has provided and continues to provide the archaeological lifeblood of the Community of Chianciano.

The serious dedication and operational reliability demonstrated have allowed the representatives of the Public Administration to safeguard the territory’s archaeological treasures, tasking the Association with the responsibility and mission to continue their work, a form of support that is not easily found in other sectors.

In active collaboration with its volunteers, it assists the Museum in looking after its visitors by telling the stories of the archaeological adventures, the restorations and the over 1200 Etruscan tombs excavated over the last 30 years in the area.