The highest floor in the museum houses the evocative exhibition dedicated to the Etruscan symposium; here, visitors are virtually invited to explore the residence of an Etruscan Prince by the name of "Aranth". This section offers the possibility to view a virtual reconstruction of an Etruscan banqueting hall, inclusive of tricliniums where the Etruscans partially reclined to consume their meals alongside their wives, which was a very scandalous custom given the era. There are a number of ritualistic and everyday objects exhibited in the room that were connected with their dining practices, particularly with regards to the consumption of meat and wine, wine being a beverage that for the Etruscans was strongly associated with their divinities. Another room houses finds that were recovered from excavations carried out in a thermal complex that dates back to the Augustan age, which the renowned poet Orazio once frequented in order to reap the healing properties of the waters of Chianciano. This room also showcases a number of artefacts that were donated to the Museum by local citizens. Furthermore, this room also has a balustrade that offers a unique view of a pediment belonging to the Temple of Fucoli, located below.