This museum is considered to be one of the most beautiful Etruscan Museums around, due to the wealth of artefacts it houses, the suggestive ways in which it exhibits them and thanks to the attention and customer focus it provides to ensure the most comfortable stay possible for those visiting the site.
More than just a Museum, it has been described as a very interesting and comprehensive showcase of the Etruscan civilisation.
The exhibition is set out in thematic sections that illustrate all aspects of the lives and deaths of these ancient inhabitants of Tuscany, through the splendid artefacts recovered, evocative reconstructions, descriptions, images and short videos available. The building that houses the exhibition was once an old granary barn dating to the start of the 19th century. The underground floor is extremely suggestive and was once used as a cellar boasting a gallery carved from the sand. The Museum’s structure was established in 1997 following a long period of development work carried out by volunteers linked to the local Geo-archaeological Association. Their precious work allowed for the creation of a Museum space that could exhibit the Etruscan archaeological finds that could be contextualised within their own environments. The Museum spreads itself across four floors and recounts the extraordinary history of the ancient world that once thrived in these lands.